CBD is one out of 100 compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plant. It leaves a non-psychoactive effect which is different from THC. This makes it the best natural medicine for various ailments like seizures, epilepsy, stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, joint pains, after effect of chemotherapy, muscle pain, etc. It doesn’t have the effects of THC which makes it the best choice for those who avoid medications with harsh chemicals.

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Many people have felt the benefits of CBD in their bodies. However, with so many CBD strains, in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one for you. It is necessary to identify what is high in strains of CBD means.

What is High strain CBD?

Strains are varieties of Cannabidiol from the hemp plant. Being high means it is beneficial to users in

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Pain relief

Different Types of High CBD Strains


It is the best CBD strain that is popular among the masses. The CBD: THC ratio is 5:2. You will be alert all day even when you consume, but there will be mild bliss.

Ringo’s Gift

It is the best CBD strain available on market today. The ratio of CBD: THC is 20:1. It is a crossbreed of Harle Tsu and ACDC. It is preferred by those suffering from severe pain, epilepsy, and arthritis because it has maximum therapeutic benefits. This strain has a woody and herbal aroma.

Charlotte’s Web

This strain is grown legally in many states, therefore it is the most popular strain. The ratio of CBD: THC is 27:1. Just like Ringo’s Gift, it is also considered one of the best strains. It has powerful properties that help in symptoms like acute pain, stress, anxiety, epilepsy.


It is high in CBD, approx. 13%. It is used by those who want a relaxed sleep and minimum muscle soreness. It is a crossbreed of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk cannabis strains. Its citrusy and earthy flavor makes it the best compound for edibles like gummies.

Cherry Wine

It has 18% CBD which is a high concentration. It is a crossbreed between Charlotte’s Web and The Wide. It is an antioxidant and has various properties like myrcene terpenes, geranyl acetate, and Phytocannabinoids that provide good health. It is good for people suffering from muscle pain, arthritis, and insomnia, and back pains. It has a fruity flavor that is easy to consume.


The ratio of CBD: THC is 20:1. The concentration of CBD in ACDC is quite high that makes it perfect for those who want better skin health, reduce pains, relief from stress and anxiety. It doesn’t have any side effects.


It is an excellent source of CBD because it is a mixture of ACDC and early Resin Berry. The strain has 18% CBD and less than 0.3% of THC. it is rich in antioxidants, terpenes, and essential oils. It is known to leave an energizing effect so people generally take it in the morning to feel energized.

Harle Tsu

The ratio of CBD: THC is 20:1 and is high in terpenes. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Many strains are grown by farmers that are certified which makes them legal in various states. However, some strains aren’t approved by the FDA therefore check with your state laws before buying any of them.

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