Nowadays neck strain has become a major issue faced by the majority of people because of their posture and working on desks for a long time. It occurs due to the excessive stretch of neck muscle which also causes injury in neck muscle which can be severe as well. So, let’s know about their causes and how they are treatable.

CBD Oil for neck strains

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Causes of neck strain

Our neck consists of 20 different muscles whose stretch leads to neck strain. Among these muscles, the levator scapulae and the trapezius are more vulnerable to strains. So, let’s see what the causes that are leading to the neck strain:

  • Poor posture: The main reason for this poor posture includes working for a long time at a computer desk with our changing position for a long time. Which causes an excessive stretch in our neck?
  • Sudden reflex or movement: any sudden reflex causes the quick movement of your head and spine with which the muscles can’t cope. This results in muscle injury. It may occur during an accident or while playing any sports.
  • Heavy lifting: lifting anything with heavyweights needs more force from the muscles due to which the muscles may get exhausted which can lead to the overstretching of the muscles and lead to neck strain.
  • Repetitive motion: too much repetitive motion with our neck provides much strain on your neck muscle which eventually leads to its injury.
  • Performing a new activity: Doing a sudden new activity for the first time which our muscles are not familiar with puts much strain on your muscle which makes it more susceptible to injuries.

Treatment for the neck strain

As a primary treatment, you can rest the neck and take proper rest and stay away from strenuous work. Also, you can apply ice therapy or heat therapy and take analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication. In case it stays for a long term, go for a therapist or doctor. Additionally, one can try acupuncture, massage, or physical therapy under the therapist.

Exercises to reduce the neck pain

  1. Forward tilt:
  •         Keep your head, back, and neck straight
  •         Tilt your chin forward towards your chest slowly and hold for a few seconds and same for the left side also. Then, repeat it.
  1. Side tilt:
  •         tilt your head slowly towards the right shoulder without raising your shoulder and hold it for a few seconds then towards the left shoulder.
  •         Repeat it.
  1. Side rotation:
  •         Keep your head, neck, and shoulder straight.
  •         Turn your head slowly towards the right shoulder until you get the feel of stretch and hold for a few seconds and then do the same for the left side.
  •         Repeat it.


Our neck possesses numerous muscles which are susceptible to strains hence you should be careful with it and should do daily exercise.

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