Custom online panels offer a great way of collecting survey feedback from regular participant groups. It is a community of respondents that agreed to periodically take part in the online research projects. The online panel has to be correctly designed and used to obtain quick and precise answers to your demanding survey questionnaire. It can include questions associated with customer engagement, consumer satisfaction, concept tests, product designing, and more.

Creating an online panel makes you think about aggregators associated with scams. It is a common perception that aggregation of any kind will flaw your research. Actually, aggregation is similar to bulk mailing or buying unmanaged/un-vetted 3rd party sample sources. The flawed aggregation practices are the things of the past, where many organizations lost good business relationships besides money and projects.

Therefore, if you are in for a survey then choose a reliable panel provider. You can enjoy the great benefits of sampling from panel provider, with experience in this niche. They have a group of pre-screened respondents willing to participate in customer feedback sessions and market research surveys.

Benefits of an online custom research panel

Better sampling

During recruitment, the online research panel members have answered profiling questions. This makes them eligible for research. You save time in seeking out suitable respondents as these panelists are pre-profiled. You can obtain a large number of respondents quickly and offer proper rewards to those taken part instantly. Fieldwork that could take months is reduced to days and even hours because of access to sampling filters.

Obtain high completion rate

The completion rate defines the number of respondents completing the survey. Panel surveys allow gathering a high response rate because the respondents have agreed to participate in the research. Based on the rewards, the respondents proactively participate. They are even keen to participate in the study because they obtain a chance to voice their feelings about the specific product.

Decrease costs and saves time

Online survey cost is less than the traditional method. The postage cost is saved besides there is no need to manually enter facts in the database. Today, survey forms are emailed online to the right respondents within a short period. The responses received are instantly documented and managed. You can gain access to results at any time. Monitor the survey in real-time, which cuts costs significantly.

A survey of more than a thousand respondents is conducted simultaneously and even responses are expected quickly from online research panelists. Analysis and results are also delivered in a short period, which allows the brands to respond quickly to their findings.

Gather insights deeply

Panel provider’s offer pre-screened active respondents, who willingly joined the survey. In comparison to other data collection methods, the insights gathered from custom online research panelist is more valuable. The panel providers ensure to keep their panelist members active and enthusiastic, which helps the researcher gain more responses.

Better decision making

Correct data findings are crucial for the right decision-making. The online custom research panel members can help you understand your customer needs. They are capable to openly highlight your customer pain points. Business decision-makers can depend on the findings of the research. Post decisions can also be well-exercised because of real-time data tracking.

A robust panel helps to attain a quick turnaround time!


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