Auto Refinancing – Basic Guidelines

Refinancing your car loan means switching to a new lender. Refinancing an existing car loan might provide you with better repayment terms. Refinancing gives you a loan with new features, advantages, and conditions.

Refinancing Reasons

Refinancing a car loan can be helpful in certain situations:

  • Lowering Interest Rates: If you find a new/refinancing loan option with a cheaper interest rate throughout your auto loan, you can pick it to decrease your overall interest. Pay off your debt and approach the new lender. Make sure your existing vehicle loan’s prepayment penalty is smaller than refinancing’s advantages. To calculate use car refinance calculator.
  • If Your Credit Has Improved, You Can Refinance Your Auto Loan. When this happens, you may get a better loan with lower interest and better terms.
  • Increasing/Decreasing Loan Term With Auto Refinancing. This should lower monthly payments. Refinancing might lengthen your loan’s repayment duration. This reduces EMIs. After your term, you may owe more (including interest). If you refinance your loan to reduce the term, you can pay it off faster and pay less interest. EMIs may rise.
  • For Modifying Car Loan Terms: You may not have liked your loan offer when you applied. You may have chosen this loan over others because it was marginally better. If you find a better vehicle loan with better conditions, you may opt to refinance.

Auto Refinancing Tips

Before refinancing your automobile, consider these factors:

  • If You Refinance, You Must Prepay Your Previous Debt. Prepayment penalties are common. The lender’s penalty ranges from 1% to 3%. Whether you desire a lower interest rate or better loan conditions, you must compare prepayment fees against the benefits of refinancing.
  • Automobile Depreciation: Say you financed a new car. By the time you refinance, your car’s value will have dropped. Most lenders won’t refinance ancient cars. You may not get a favorable loan offer if they agree.
  • Lender Reliability: When refinancing your loan, find a trusted lender. You shouldn’t choose a lender based on its interest rate. You may study a lender’s reputation online and through friends and relatives.
  • Additional Fees: Refinancing requires a new loan from a different bank. Processing fees and other costs apply. Before refinancing your vehicle loan, you must determine these fees.

Avoid Refinancing When…

When to avoid vehicle loan refinancing:

  • If you wait too long to refinance your car loan, you may not save much on interest. You’d have paid off most of your loan’s interest at the outset.
  • Before refinancing your auto loan, consider whether the expenses outweigh the benefits. Check if you can afford a prepayment penalty or processing cost. If the fees are too high, don’t refinance.
  • If you’re applying for new credit, avoid refinancing your auto loan. Refinancing might hurt your credit.
  • Car loan refinancing is a smart choice if you acquire a better interest rate or if your credit score/financial state improve throughout your existing loan term.
  • You can’t remortgage inside the same bank. Refinancing requires a fresh loan from a new lender. If you wish to continue with your former lender, you must get a top-up loan or pre-close your existing loan and apply for a new one.

Climate Friendly Tata Nano Diesel Review via AutoPortal

The Tata Nano Diesel is a little portion vehicle created for a little family and climate cordial. Goodbye Nano Diesel vehicle will have a little hatchback body and it will be agreeable to move through occupied streets. The vehicle will give agreeable mileage because of its light weight creation.

Petroleum and Diesel Technology

After the accomplishment of Nano Petrol, Tata Motors chose to get Tata Nano Diesel the auto market. It was then said by Shri Tata that force controlling and diesel innovation would be the two increments in future auto innovation. Goodbye Motors have worked together with Bosch and Honeywell. Bosch will help Tata Motors in creating the CRDI framework and Honeywell will help on super chargers. Goodbye Nano Diesel will flaunt the littlest CRDI framework at any point utilized in A portion vehicles in the automobile business.

Goodbye Nano Diesel Review via

The insides of the vehicle will be joined with upmarket upholstery. The seats will be all around supported to give most extreme solace to the travelers. It will have adequate boot space. It will be an ideal estimated vehicle for a four part family. There will be safety belts for travelers in the front just as in the back divide. It will have a far off focal locking framework. Goodbye Motors has likewise fused McPherson Struts curl spring suspension in the vehicle.

It will have haze lights in front just as backside. It has an entryway unlatched admonition framework. Goodbye Nao Diesel will run on 14 inch wheels which is bigger than its petroleum partner which runs on 13 inch wheels.


Goodbye Nano Diesel will be practically indistinguishable from its petroleum partner. The length, width and tallness of the diesel vehicle is 3099 mm, 1495 mm and 1652 mm individually. The gas tank limit of the vehicle is 30 liters, which is very adequate since its exhibition situated motor conveys a great efficiency. Goodbye Nano Diesel will be acclimatized with 0.7 liter diesel motor, which will have a removal of 700 cc. The most extreme force produced by the motor of this vehicle is 33 bhp, which is adequate in the diesel section. Moreover, most extreme force achieved by this motor is 51 Nm at 4000 rpm. Goodbye Nano Diesel vehicle will undoubtedly convey low emanation and nice mileage.


The normal cost of the vehicle will go between Rs. 2.40 to Rs. 3.50 Lac. The cost of petroleum has been expanding or pretty much the equivalent for as far back as couple of years. With the appearance of Tata Nano Diesel, which is comparable to any petroleum partners, there is an extraordinary possibility for acknowledgment by the customers. The high mechanical highlights and minimal effort are extra focuses to Tata Nano Diesel.

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